Prospect Management

iVisa has a comprehensive system for prospects. The Managing Agent will need to give you Add Migrant permissions in the system to allow you to add your own prospects, CREATE CASE permissions for any step that requires Case creation.

  1. If you have the right permissions, you can create prospects directly from the Migrants Page by clicking the Add Migrant The Prospect Questionnaire lets you gather comprehensive information about the prospect (and their sponsoring employer if appropriate), including key documents such as CV’s Passports and Birth Certificates. Filling and saving the Prospect Questionnaire does four things:
    1. Creates a Migrant Profile with a Status of “Prospect”
    2. Does a Points Calculation for the Migrant which can be seen from the Prospect Questionnaire and from within the Migrant Profile.
    3. Creates a Case of type “Prospect” for that Migrant, which will contain any documents uploaded into the Prospect Questionnaire and assigns you to the Case.
    4. Creates a Company Profile with a status of “Prospect” if the sponsoring company details were entered.
  2. From the Cases Page you can see all your Prospect cases. You can click on the Case Number to start managing your prospect. In the Case you will see what documents have been uploaded and see when the Case was Created (e.g. when when you added them to the system). Click on “Migrant” to jump to the Migrant Profile if you need to see their personal details. There are four features of the Case which you can use as you work with your prospect:
    1. Process Stage – use this field to keep track of where you are with the Prospect – for instance “Waiting to sight police clearance before deciding on which Visa Subclass is appropriate”. Note that while the Prospect cannot see this information, if you convert them later to a Client, they will be able to see it.
    2. Case Notes – this allows you to record conversations with the various stakeholders and make your own private notes about the Case – see the Case Notes section for more details.
    3. Deadline – for prospects, you can use this field as a reminder of when the next action needs to be done by – for instance a callback.
    4. Case Status – The case status lets you keep track of what has been done as you progress the relationship – you can update the Case Status by selecting from the dropdown list and then setting the date for that item. Remember to click UPDATE when you change anything. The statuses relevant to Prospects are:
      1. Created
      2. Contacted
  • Not Proceeding
  1. Assessed – Ineligible
  2. Assessed – Eligible
  3. Advice Sent
  • Deposit Request Sent
  • Agreement Sent
  1. Agreement Received

NOTE: When the Migrant’s status is Prospect, they see only the Prospect Questionnaire if they login so you can’t use the Messaging window in the Case to communicate with them.

  1. Once your prospect has returned a signed agreement and/or paid their deposit, you can convert them to a Client. The simplest way to do this is to go into the Prospect Case and select the Visa Subclass from the “Convert To:” dropdown list. When you click GO three things happen:
    1. The Migrant status is converted from Prospect to a Client
    2. The document list in the case changes to the list for the selected Visa Subclass – so you will need to make Not Applicable any documents which are not required for that Case.
    3. The Sponsoring Company status will be converted from Prospect to Client if they are not already a Client.

NOTE: once the Migrant status is changed from Prospect to Client they can no longer access the Prospect Questionnaire – they see the Case file in much the same way you do and you can now use the Chat Window to communicate with them.

Remember to re-set the Deadline field at this point to act as a reminder of when the application needs to be lodged.

If the visa is a company sponsored one, you will need to have your Managing Agent change the Sponsoring Company field in the Case to the correct Company. Remember if there are associated Sponsoring Company applications such as a Nomination or SBSA, you will need to have your Managing Agent create those manually from the Cases Page (or your Managing Agent will have to give you the CREATE CASE permission so you can do this). Sometimes you may be doing a just the Nomination on behalf of a particular prospect – in this case you wont be able to use the Case Conversion process as it only applies to Visas. The steps to take in this case are:

  1. Go to the Migrant Profile, change their Status from Prospect to Client and click UPDATE.
  2. If the Sponsoring Company is also a prospect, the Managing Agent will need to go to the Sponsoring Company profile and change the Status from Prospect to Client and click UPDATE (or you can do this if you have EDIT SPONSORING COMPANY rights).
  3. Go to the Cases Page and create the Nomination Case manually.

You can leave the Prospect case in the system even though the Migrant is now a Client – they may come back for a Visa later and you can then simply use the Case Conversion process.