Homepage Dashboard

The Homepage gives you a comprehensive overview of what is happening in your Agency. The Dashboard is split into 5 sections.


In this section you can do the basic housekeeping functions.


This shows how many Alerts have been set by you and your Agents across all Cases in the system. For more details on how the Alerts system works see the Alerts section of this manual.


This section gives a summary of the key statuses of your Cases. To drill down on Case details, go to the Cases Page


This section is not currently implemented

Deadline Summary

This is the final and most important section of the Dashboard – it shows all the Deadlines for your Cases, with the soonest deadlines first. If you are setting Deadlines on each case, this enables you to keep track of your most urgent Cases


From this window you can also access other information about the Case and the Current Visa – just hover over the View label. Clicking on the View or on the Case number will take you directly to the Case. You can also click directly on the Migrant Name label to take you to the Migrant Profile.