Migrant Management

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You can only do this if you have CREATE MIGRANT rights assigned to you by the Managing Agent.

 To set up a Migrant, go to the Migrants page and click Add Migrant. The questionnaire you fill in will populate the Migrant Profile. At a minimum you only need to fill in the first page of the questionnaire and click Save and Exit in order to create the Migrant Profile.

Migrants can also set up their own Profiles via the Prospect Questionnaire link for your Agency.

NOTE: Either method will automatically set a username and password for them and create a PROSPECT Case for them at the same time, which you can later convert to whatever Visa Subclass is required.

The Migrant Profile

The Migrant Profile is where all the information known about the Migrant is stored.

NOTE: When new information is added the Update button must be clicked to save the new information otherwise it is lost when you leave the page.

Migrant Notifications

Notifications can be sent by email or by SMS and are controlled in the Notification Management panel on the Migrant Profile page. If you uncheck both boxes no notifications will be sent.

NOTE: SMS notification is not available by default. For SMS notification you need to have an SMS gateway enabled. There is a setup fee and a Per-SMS charge for this. Please contact iVisa if you are interested in this option.

The iVisa system notifies Migrants when certain actions are taken with regard to their Cases. These actions are:

Msg – the Case Agent or Processor has sent them a Message

Doc – the Case Agent or Processor has uploaded a document to their Case

New – a new Case has been created for them

Visa – any changes to the form and document list (on the Visa Template, not the customization of the list by the Agent)

By checking or unchecking these items, you can control what notifications they receive.


Points Calculator

In the Migrant Profile simply make sure the Date of Birth is entered in the Status section and then enter the details in the Education and Experience section and click UPDATE. The migrant’s points will be automatically calculated and displayed as shown.