Sponsoring Company Management


Set up New Sponsoring Companies | Divisions | Representatives | Representative Permissions | Representative Notifications | Assigning Cases to a Representative

Setting up New Sponsoring Companies

You can set up Sponsoring Companies from the Companies Page using Add Sponsoring Company. After your Create the Company, make sure you Set Username and Password for the Managing Representative so that they can login later.

From the Companies page, you can access their profiles by clicking on the Company Name, or manage their Divisions and Representatives by clicking on the appropriate buttons. Fees are not implemented at this time



Divisions allow larger Sponsoring Companies to divide up responsibility and access. Each Division has its own Primary Contact (who must be one of the existing Representatives of the Sponsoring Company) You can Add a division and its Primary Contact from the Divisions page. Once created, Cases can be assigned to a Division as well as a Sponsoring Company


You can manage Representatives for any Sponsoring Company by clicking the Representatives button on the Sponsoring Company profile or from the Companies page.


From the Representatives page, you can Add Representative or manage their Permissions and Notifications.

Representative Permissions

Permissions allow you (the Managing Agent) and also the Managing Representative to delegate responsibilities to Representatives in the Sponsoring Company. It is good practice to restrict permissions as much as is practical as much damage can be done to your data if used permissions are used incorrectly, especially particular Delete permissions.


The Permissions you can control are as follows:

CO – allows the Sponsoring Company profile to be modified, including the Managing Representative details – it is inadvisable to allow anyone to do this except a very trusted person as they can lock the Managing Representative out of the system.

DIV – allows the user to see all Sponsoring Company’s Divisions and Edit, Create or Delete them depending on what is selected

REP – allows the user to see all Sponsoring Company’s Representatives and Edit, Create or Delete them depending on what is selected

MIG – allows the user to see all Migrants and Edit, Create or Delete them depending on what is selected

CASE – allows the user to create and delete cases depending on what is selected. They can only see Cases to which they are assigned or that they have created themselves.

NOTE: The MIG and CASE permissions only work if the Managing Agent has allowed Sponsoring Companies to Create Cases themselves.

Representative Notifications

Notifications can be sent by email or by SMS and are controlled in the Notification Management panel on the Representatives page. If you uncheck both boxes no notifications will be sent.

NOTE: SMS notification is not available by default. For SMS notification you need to have an SMS gateway enabled. There is a setup fee and a Per-SMS charge for this. Please contact iVisa if you are interested in this option.

The iVisa system notifies Representatives when certain actions are taken with regard to their Cases. These actions are:

Msg – the Agent or Processor has sent them a Message on one of their Cases

Doc – the Agent or Processor has uploaded a document to one of their Cases

Assign – a new Case has been assigned to them

Visa – any changes to the form and document list (on the Visa Template, not the customization of the list by the Agent)

By checking or unchecking these items, you can control what notifications they receive.


Assigning Cases to a Representative

You can assign a Representative to any Case of the Sponsoring Company by clicking the Cases button on the Companies page. This will take you to a list of Cases for the Sponsoring Company with Dropdowns to set the Representative.