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iVisa is centered around managing application files or “Cases”. Each Case contains all the things you need to collaborate with Migrants and Sponsoring Companies when preparing an application including:

  • a customisable document list
  • User guides for Migrants and Sponsoring Company Representatives
  • Case Note facilities and
  • a chat window to communicate with your co-workers, Migrants and Sponsoring Company Representatives


Setting up Employees

If you have any employees such as other Registered Migration Agents or visa processing staff working for you, then you need to set them up in the system.

Go to the Employees page and click Add Employee.


Setting up Migrants

To set up a Migrant, go to the Migrants page and click Add Migrant. You only need to fill in the first page of the questionnaire and click Save and Exit.

Migrants can also set up their own Profiles via the Prospect Questionnaire link for your Agency.

NOTE: Either method will automatically set a username and password for them and create a PROSPECT Case for them at the same time, which you can later convert to whatever Visa Subclass is required.


Setting up Sponsoring Companies

You can set up Sponsoring Companies from the Companies Page using Add Sponsoring Company. After your Create the Company, make sure you Set Username and Password for the Managing Representative so that they can login later.

Setting up Cases

Once the Employees and Clients are set up in your system, you can create a Case simply by going to the Cases page, selecting the Visa Subclass and who needs to collaborate on the case and click CREATE – or for a visa application, go to into the Prospect case for the Migrant, set the Sponsoring Company and click Update then Convert To whatever Visa Subclass is required – the system knows that:

  • Standard Business Sponsorships apply only to Companies
  • Nominations apply to both Migrants and Companies but need only be seen by Companies and
  • Visas apply to Migrants and (in the case of employer sponsored visas) also to Companies but, in most circumstances, need only be seen by Migrants

IMPORTANT: Setting the Case Deadline at this point is key to good Case management. It lets you keep track of when the application needs to be lodged and will show up on your home page as a reminder every time you login. The Deadline should be based on factors such as: when their current visa expires or when they will reach 6 months with their current employer if on a 417 visa.


Customising the Case Document List

The next step is to customize the form and document list in the case. iVisa contains a list of pretty much everything which might be required for a Case. In most Cases, many of the forms and documents will not be required, so simply select the ones you don’t need using the radio buttons to the left of each form and document and click Mark NA. When you, the Migrant or the Sponsoring Company next look at that case, only the required documents will be displayed. If you need to see the full list again, just click Show/Hide NA.


Assigning the Agent

Next you need to assign the Agent for the case, this is the person who will work with the client and be responsible for the Case. On the Cases page, find your case and select the Agent for that Case from the dropdown. If you have anyone assisting or supervising then select Processor and Supervisor as appropriate.


Sending Clients their Login Details

Once you have the Case setup and the form and document list customized, you need to give your Clients access to the system by emailing them the login link for your Agency, their username and their password. Sample welcome emails can be found at the Welcome Emails page.

You can find out a Migrant’s or a Representative’s Username by going to their Profile and clicking on Change Username/Password. This will display their Username. When a Migrant is created either by Prospect Questionnaire or by using the Add Migrant on the Migrants page, their Password will be the same

as their Username.

NOTE 1: If a Migrant uses the Prospect Questionnaire, their username and password will be emailed to them automatically (if they put their email address correctly), Existing clients (Migrants and Sponsoring Company Representatives) will see the new case automatically whenever they login but it is good practice to let them know again when the Case is properly set up.


Start Work

Now everyone has access to the Case who needs it, so you (or whoever is Agent) can log in and send a welcome message to the Client via the Messaging window. Whatever you put in will be sent to them in an email as well as visible to them in the Messaging window when they log in.