Visa Applications

Case Summary Section | Form and Document List | Messaging (Chat) Window | Case Status and Status History

The Visa Application page lets you collaborate with your Migration Agent, their assistant (Processor) and you. It provides:

  • Case Summary which is the details of the case.
  • Form and Document list which lists every document which your company needs to provide along with How-To guides for those documents. As you upload documents, your Migration Agent can review those documents and Approve or Reject them individually so you can see at any time what is still outstanding on the Case.
  • Messaging (Chat) window, which allows you to communicate with your Migration Agent or their assistant and eliminates the need to manage emails relating to the Case.
  • Case Status and Status History so that everyone can see the progress of the Case.
Case Summary Section

The Case summary section tracks the current Case Status and who is involved in the Application.


DIBP Officer

For some applications it is relevant to know who the DIBP case officer is. Your Migration Agent may set this field.

Process Stage

This is a convenient way for your Migration Agent to let you know what is currently happening on the Application.

Form and Document List

This is a list of documents, which your Migration Agent is asking you to provide in support of the application. As you upload your documents (the blue button) your Agent will use the Retrieve (the green button) to view and review them. The Migration Agent will then set the document status to Approved, Reviewed or Rejected. This means you know exactly what the status of all the documents are at any time and can see what information is outstanding.


Templates and Instructions

Form Templates are copies of the current DIBP forms. You can download these and print and fill them in. Discuss with your Migration Agent any details you don’t understand.

 Document Instructions are How-To guides written in plain English to help you and your sponsored employees understand DIBP requirements for the various documents you need to provide.


Upload and Retrieve

The Upload button allows you or your Migration Agent to upload a form or document into a Case. When uploaded, the Status of the document automatically changes to Received.

You can view any document by clicking Retrieve button next to it. This opens a viewer so you can quickly check the form or document without having to download it to your computer. If you do want to download it, simply click the Green arrow in the viewer.

DIBP Documents

This section provides a comprehensive list of the documents your Migration Agent may receive from DIBP during and at the conclusion of the application process. It is provided to ensure that all relevant documents are captured into the Case and to provide you with a complete record for future reference.

Additional Documents

In many Cases there are documents provided for which there are no pre-configured places. The Additional Documents section allows you to upload these documents into the Case. Once uploaded you can see their Status just like any other document.


Messaging (Chat) Window

One of the biggest issues in Case management is tracking and storing all the related emails.


The iVisa system eliminates the vast majority of this problem by using the Messaging Window to communicate with your Migration Agent. Using the Messaging Window keeps all communications in one place.


When you send a message, your Migration Agent can see it in their Chat Window in the Case, but also receive an email with the contents of the message so that they know to log in to reply to you. (they can’t reply to the email)


Similarly if they message you in the Case, you will receive a notification email. (unless you ask the Migration Agent to turn off your notifications)

Case Status and Status History

The Case Status History is managed by your Migration Agent and lets everyone involved in the Case see the Case progress over time. Key Case Statuses are:

Expired                                      This status is set automatically when the Expiry date is reached

Cancelled                                  If DIBP cancels a Visa

Suspended                                Used if the application becomes inactive

Withdrawn                               For applications which are withdrawn

Expiry                                        This status is set at the same time as the Granted status and is used to track the expiry of a Visa

Granted                                     DIBP grants a Visa, Nomination or SBS (or Skills Assessing Authority issues positive outcome)

Info Requested – DIBP            Date that DIBP requests more information. Your Agent would normally discuss this with you.

Lodged                                       Decision Ready Lodgement of the Application

Lodged Incomplete                 Lodged, but there are outstanding documents to be submitted.

RCB Lodged                              Regional Certifying Body application – required for Subclass 187 applications.

Reviewing                                 You have submitted sufficient documents for lodgement and the Migration Agent is reviewing the Case

Submission Authorised         This is only settable by the you or your Representative and can be used as authority to lodge.

Preparing                                  This is set when the Migration Agent first starts working on the Case

Agreement Received               This is typically used on a Case when a signed Agreement for Services has been received back from your Company

Deposit Request Sent              Used when an initial payment has been requested

Agreement Sent                       Set when an Agreement for Services has been sent

Advice Sent                               If an Advice is sent to you                       

Not Proceeding                        May be used where where you decide not to proceed.

Created                                      This status is automatically set when the Case is created in the system.


The Case Status affects what actions can be performed within a Case – for instance when a Case is set to Lodged, Lodged Incomplete, DIBP- Information Requested, Granted or Expired, the Case is locked and no further uploads of forms or documents is possible.