iVisa is centered around managing application files or “Cases”. Each Case contains all the things you need to collaborate with your Migration Agent(s) when preparing an application including:

  • a customisable Form and Document list
  • User guides
  • a Messaging (Chat) window to communicate with your Migration Agent(s)



Your Homepage


From your Homepage you can access the key functions of the system.

  • Visa Applications takes you to the Cases which are assigned to you by your Managing Representative*
  • Migrants takes you to the list of the employees whose cases you are working on as assigned to you by your Managing Representative*.
  • Company Profile takes you to Company Profile, where you can see your Company’s details.
  • Alerts is where you can keep track of any urgent requests from your Migration Agents on all of your Cases.

* The Managing Representative is the person within your company who is the main point of contact for Visa Applications – they will assign applications to you for you to work on.

Visa Applications

Click on the Visa Applications page to see a list of your Cases, which are assigned to you by your Managing Representative.

Hovering over View for the Application will let you see what stage the application is at. View for the Current Visa will show you any conditions which have been recorded against the Migrant’s current visa.


Click on the Case Number to go into the Case. Normally you can access Nomination and Standard Business Sponsorship cases, but not Visa cases. This is because Visa Cases contain the personal information of your employees and their dependents and therefore must be kept private.

In the Case you will see the:

Case Summary – gives the basic details of the Case. The Process Stage is used by your Migration Agent to let you know where the case is up to.

Submit button – this is a formal way you can authorize your Migration Agent to lodge an application. You would only click this after you and your Migration Agent have agreed that all relevant documentation is ready for lodgement.

Form and Document List – This is a list of documents, which your Migration Agent is asking you to provide in support of the application. As you upload your documents (the blue button) your Agent will use the Retrieve (the green button) to view and review them. The Migration Agent will then set the document status to Approved, Reviewed or Rejected. This means you know exactly what the status of all the documents are at any time and can see what information is outstanding.

Messaging (Chat) window is used to communicate with your Migration Agent – if you do all your communications this way, it will save you having to sort and categorise emails and keeps everything in the Case file. Your Migration Agent will automatically get an email when you message them and you will get an email when they message you.


The Alerts page is where you can keep track of any urgent requests from your Migration Agents on all of your Cases.