Migrant Guide

Getting Started


Here are some simple steps to make sure you get the most from the system.

  1. When you first login you will be on the Home page. From here you can access your Visa Applications, Alerts and Profile.


  1. IMPORTANT: After you have logged into the system for the first time please change your password immediately. To do this click: Change your Password in the Welcome section of the Home Page. Simply enter your new password and click “Update”
  1. Please make sure that all your personal details are correct on the “My Profile” tab. The information you give us helps determine what documents you need to provide – for instance if you have every been in the military, we will require military discharge papers. If you need to change anything just enter the details and click UPDATE. If you have a photo please upload it using the “Upload Photo” button this is useful for the embedded Messenger client you will see later. Photos are a great way for us to see who we are talking to!
  1. Next click on the “Visa Applications” Tab. Here you can see any visa applications we are currently working on for you.
  1. Once you are in the Visa Application, you will see a list of all the Required Forms and Documents required for that visa application. You can open the Templates for Forms and Instructions for documents Please download the Templates for Required Forms (which may include a questionnaire) in the “Required Forms” section and print and fill them in. Once you have done this you can scan the completed forms and then use the blue “Upload” button (which is a blue arrow) to load the document into the system. We will be able to see the documents that you upload and will be able to check them for you.

NOTE: You can only upload one file for each required Form or Document, so if you have multiple pages as separate files, please make sure you merge them into one file before uploading.


  1. For other listed documents, such as: Personal Documents; Qualifications, Experience and Skills; Health and Character; Additional Documents, we have provided Instructions to assist you in making sure you have all the necessary information. Just click on the icon to view the Instruction 
  1. Please gather all the Documents required in support of your visa application, scan them and upload them into the system for review. As you upload documents, we will review them and if all is OK you will see the status change to APPROVED. When we have all the documents you need for your application and they have all been checked, we will be ready to lodge your application with DIBP. We will notify you when we are ready to lodge your application and you can agree to lodgement by clicking the Submit
  1. If you have any questions, simply type them in the Messaging window on the right hand side of the screen and the Migration Agent handling your case will be able to respond to you – this way all your questions and answers are in one place – no more searching for that crucial email! When we message you in the system, you will get an automatic email as well so you wont miss anything.
  1. When we submit your applications to DIBP, in many cases colour scans of the original documents are acceptable, but in some circumstances “Certified Copies” of the originals are required. A Registered Migration Agent and a number of other professionals are permitted to certify copy documents. Certification of documents can take place once the documents have been approved by your agent or you can get documents certified before upload.


  1. If there is something urgent to be done, we will let you know via Alerts – you can see current Alerts on the “Alerts” tab. When we send you a new alert, you will also get an email message letting you know.